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Tied Agents

Whilst significant commercial opportunities exist in the asset management space, targeting European customers for capital raising purposes is governed by stringent laws and regulations in the European Union. Crucially, non-European firms are not able to engage with investors in the European Union unless they are compliant with and recognised as a MiFID firm, authorised in a Member State of the European Union. Such operational and regulatory limitations can pose various challenges to non-EU asset managers that plan to engage with EU based investors and to promote their investment strategies in the EU.

What We Offer ?

Aramis Capital (Europe) Ltd. provides a solution to clients planning to offer investment advisory services, arrange deals and market financial products in the EU without the need for non-EU firms to go through the burdensome bureaucratic process to obtain a license or authorisation in an EU Member State. Our company offers opportunities to appoint tied agencies in the EU to service European customers.

How to proceed ?

Get in touch with our team so we can help you achieve your objective in a timely and cost effective manner.

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