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Our role is to reach European firms and to help investors extract alpha in the financial markets. 

Malta based, which is one of the Europe’s leading asset management and financial services centres, we have access to extensive sources of information and independent networking capabilities in the industry.

Aramis Capital (Europe) Ltd. assists clients in identifying and implementing solutions in two well defined areas: Capital Raising & Advisory Services

Privately Held

Privately held and totally independent from any banking or asset management group.


Entirely free to build our own network of contacts and business relationships, thus guaranteeing absolute integrity.

Regulated Firm

Aramis Capital (Europe) Ltd. is operating under the supervision of Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and all the Maltese controlling authorities with an investment services licence and complies with all EU regulations, including MiFID. Investors and business partners benefit from the most rigorous level of oversight that EU Member States provide.

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