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History and Mission

To complement its 20 years presence in Switzerland, Charles du Marais founded Aramis Capital (Europe) Ltd. as a marketing firm to assist asset managers raise capital in the EU for their respective investment strategies. Since then, the company has successfully supported its partners with their development and today Aramis provides the right solution for asset managers to raise capital in a very competitive environment.


​Over the years, Aramis expanded into new markets and today it offers investment advisory services on a wide range of financial instruments thus turning into a prime investment services boutique. It offers investment advisory to professional clients and capital raising services to investment funds.


​Our business model is based on two core principles: independence and integrity. These two principles are our foundation for having successfully built a fully-fledged financial services company.


Today Aramis with its team of investment professional provides a personalized service to professional clients.

We remain committed in assisting our clients to achieve their objectives.

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